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week 14; theme

This week's theme is Blended. That means, your icon should have two, or more, blended images in just one icon. Some examples:

(1) halfplane (2) peachglow (3) fyzzed
The icons must be 100x100px.
You can enter 5 icons or less.
No animations.
They also must be new, that means they're not from one week ago or something, they must be made specially for this challenge.
Don't post your icons before voting ends. If you fail to do this, you'll be banned from that one challenge.
Please upload them to tinypic or imageshack, we want the icons to be as anonymous as possible.
It must feature One Day or one of its members.

Submission example:

[URL of the Icon]

Submissions end on Saturday, September 5th 11:59 pm GMT